THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL 7-10 September 2017 in Sweden
MANDOLIN SEMINAR Individual and group lessons
THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY will hold seminars which are open to anybody during The Gimo Mandolin Festival in Sweden. INFORMATION The number of participants is limited, so please apply early to avoid disappointment. Applications are accepted in the order in which they are received. THE FEE INCLUDES: 1. Seminar activities and concerts. 2. Premises for seminar. 3. Care and support by representatives of The Gimo Mandolin Festival, Sweden. APPLICATION FORM  Please contact us for more information and the application form. TRANSPORTATION AND ACCOMMODATION We recommend that you visit websites about accommodation - hotels, apartments etc. in the surroundings of Gimo. Everything remains in your hands, and you pay directly to the hotel. As we said before, the seminar fee covers course and concert activities organised by the MANDOLIN ACADEMY, and you take care of transport and accommodation separately.
SEPTEMBER 7 - 10, 2017: Mandolin Seminar The fee of €200 euros per person includes all Festival activities - lessons, rehearsals and concerts, chamber music, ensemble,plucked string orchestra and the Festival Orchestra. Teachers: CARLO AONZO - Mandolin KEITH HARRIS  - Mandolin Special offer: Only for people taking the all-inclusive ticket, Keith Harris offers an additional two days of tuition leading up to the Festival. The time frame will be from 9am on Tuesday, September 5, through Wednesday and Thursday morning. Additional fee: €100 euros per person. Please contact the Gimo Mandolin Festival Organisation for details.
SEPTEMBER 7 - 10, 2017: Ensemble Seminar The fee of €50 euros per person is for members of established groups and individual mandolin, mandola and guitar players, who will perform at the festival. The fee also includes admission to all concerts and participation in the Festival Orchestra. Teachers / Instructors: TOVE FLENSBORG - Mandolin LARS FORSLUND - Mandolin / Mandola REIDAR EDVARDSEN - Mandola / Guitar ANGELICA SELMO - Harpsichord / Piano MAXINE RIZZOTTO - Harpsichord / Piano SUZANNA LIDEGRAN - Harpsichord / Piano Chamber music and ensembles: In the accompanying seminars, they will work with enthusiasts like yourself to help you to a deeper understanding of this fine and rare music and how to perform it.  
SEPTEMBER 7 - 10, 2017: Orchestra Seminar A fee of €50 euros is for individual players who only want to take part in the rehearsals and performances of the Festival Orchestra. The fee also includes admission to all concerts. The material will be music by Antonio Vivaldi, Yasuo Kuwahara, Olof Näslund, Lars Forslund and Keith Harris. Teachers and participants of the Festival will actually make music together in a specially-formed "Festival Orchestra". The fruits of their work will be presented in atmospheric candle-light concerts, held each midnight in the beautiful ancient churches of the vicinity. Conductors / Intsructors: CARLO AONZO & KEITH HARRIS
ENSEMBLE SEMINAR Chamber Music from Baroque to Modern ORCHESTRA SEMINAR Everybody playing together APPLICATION & PRICES Please contact us for an application form THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL  IS CANCELLED