MARIO & LORENZO PARRAVICINI from Venice The twin brothers  Mario and Lorenzo have collaborated with the Camerata Mandolino Classico since 2004, both in Italy and Sweden.   The performances include opera, church concerts of sacred choral music, chamber music, including concerts with the Swedish mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg. Baroque music on a high level. Mario and Lorenzo Parravicini make up a first-rate Basso Continuo group. They will accompany and advise players who want to do special work on sonatas calling for thoroughbass, with special emphasis on music from the Gimo Collection.
THE ACCOMPANIMENT Support for Mandolin Players
THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL 7-10 September 2017 in Sweden
SUZANNA LIDEGRAN from Porto, Portugal The Swedish / Portuguese violin virtuoso and professor, Suzanna Lidegran, teaches violin and chamber music at The Conservatory of Porto in Portugal. Suzanna is also a first class pianist and harpsichordist. She will teach chamber music and support those participants who want to play mandolin sonatas and chamber music.
ANGELICA SELMO from Verona, Italy Angelica Selmo is an extraordinary virtuoso of the harpsichord. She will teach chamber music and the art of playing The Basso Continuo. This seminar is perfect for Baroque Music Lovers!
ACCOMPANIMENT OF VARIOUS GENRES The Festival is delighted to be able to present gifted harpsichordists and pianists who will not only perform in concerts, but also support participants working on the vast range of mandolin music from the Baroque era to the present day.
MAXINE RIZZOTTO from Milan, Italy The young Italian virtuoso, Maxine Rizzotto, gives concerts on the piano and harpsichord, and is also répétiteur for opera houses like La Fenice in Venice & La Scala in Milan and also of the Conservatory of Milan. She also will work with participants interested in mandolin music ranging from Mozart to Jazz & Pop.