TOVE FLENSBORG She is the leading mandolinist in Denmark and internationally well known. She has played in operas, symphonic orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Since 1979 she run her own mandolin orchestra.
SEMINARS FOR PLUCKED STRINGS Seminars for Mandolin, Ensemble and Orchestra
THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL 7-10 September 2017 in Sweden
CARLO AONZO is a native of Savona, Italy. His initial teacher, his father Giuseppe instilled in him a love and respect for the mandolin that has remained with him all his life. Carlo has toured throughout Europe, Italy, Japan, the USA and Canada as a soloist and with chamber ensembles and orchestras. Since 2000 he has offered a popular annual workshop in New York City. The Classical Mandolin Society of America has invited him numerous times to their conventions.
THE TEACHERS OF THE FESTIVAL International top class Teachers ORCHESTRA SEMINARS & CONCERTS Participants and teachers make music together
SEMINARS FOR YOU! The Gimo Festival is host to two internationally- known personalities in the field, who represent different approaches to our versatile instrument. Carlo Aonzo is among the best-known figures in Italy and America, as both a performer and teacher. Keith Harris is known as an expert with a long and varied association with the instrument. This life- long observation and thought has led him to uniquely radical conclusions, which distinguish him from traditional main-stream ideas. His influence is becoming increasingly felt, and some think his ideas will help define the mandolin in the coming decades. (Prof.Robert Margo, University of Boston: "The Mandolin Game by Keith Harris is one of the most important books ever written on the mandolin.")
PLUCKED STRING ORCHESTRA SEMINAR The material will be music by Antonio Vivaldi, Yasuo Kuwahara, Olof Näslund, Lars Forslund and Keith Harris. Teachers and participants of the Festival will actually make music together in a specially-formed "Festival Orchestra". The fruits of their work will be presented in atmospheric candle-light concerts, held each midnight in the beautiful ancient churches of the vicinity.
Carlo Aonzo plays Vivaldi’s  “The Four Seasons” at The Gimo Mandolin Festival  in Sweden
KEITH HARRIS His international reputation as performer and teacher guarantees his unsurpassed knowledge of the instrument. But it is his insight into other people's problems and remarkable skill in offering individual solutions that particularly make his teaching outstanding and unique.
BAROQUE MUSIC SEMINARS Music from The Gimo Collection
REIDAR EDVARDSEN Cu summo falli vel, ea putent vocibus vix. Eos et inimicus interpretaris, at his noluisse adipiscing, erat inani et usu. Fabulas inimicus et nam. Mundi dolor periculis ea cum. Vel elitr putant torquatos hensam.
CHAMBER MUSIC SEMINARS Mandolin with other instruments
CHAMBER MUSIC SEMINAR & CONCERTS Music by Antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti, Giuseppe Paolucci, Francesco Piccone, Ludwig van Beethoven and others will be among the material for the chamber music concerts and seminars. In concerts, the teachers will present the music in the beautiful manor houses of Gimo and Österbybruk. In the seminars, they will work with enthusiasts like yourself to help you to a deeper understanding of this fine and rare music and how to perform it.