L A P O N I A Stor-Laisan Lappland SONORITY OF NATURE Music for Mandolin & Harpsichord by Lars Forslund Artfjället, Laponia Northern Big Mountain, “Storfjället” in Laponia Romance in the bright Nordic summer night
NORTHERN BIG MOUNTAIN - STORFJÄLLET  The magnificent scenery at Tärnaby and up towards the Norwegian border has inspired this piece. The music reflects the high mountain peaks rising arpeggiendo diminished sevenths chord in the mandolin and chromatic bass lines and jazzy melodies of the harpsichord.
AROUND THE FIRE This simple music describes how to sit around the fire and tell stories and sing to the accompaniment of a guitar.
REINDEER ON THE RUN Lapponia suite ends with a virtuosic harpsichord. The music is a game with rhythms and the rapid movements in three beats braked suddenly by powerful chords in five beats. The effect depicts when reindeers are running in one direction at a rapid speed and sudden turns in another direction and the whole herd is slowed down and going out of rhythm. The theme and the rhythm is inspired by reindeers rapid movements.
THE DANCE OF THE CRANES   This dance music has been inspired by the cranes nesting in Laponia. It begins with a deceptively calm but soon the wild Spanish dance rhythms will take over symbolizing the magnificent dance of the cranes.
NORRA STORFJÄLLET Allegro maestoso
BY THE RIVER Adagio, ma non troppo
THE CRANES FROM SPAIN Allegro, quasi Fandango
MUSIC BY LARS FORSLUND Music for Mandolin and Harpsichord
SNOW CRYSTALS Andante e soave
AROUND THE FIRE Larghetto e cantabile
BY THE RIVER This piece begins with a romantic slow adagio theme, and than becoming a Sami song without words. A languishing tremolo from the mandolin create an Italian-inspired romantic evocative sequence.
SNOW CRYSTALS This delicate and brittle music has the harp-like musical Finnish instrument kantele as a model. The high arpeggio in the harpsichord and the sonority of the mandolin symbolize the sparkling snow crystals, and the romantic Laponian countryside.
LAPPONIA SUITE Impression from Laponia Tärnaby, Laponia Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!