LETIZIA MICHIELON WROTE IN, IL GAZZETTINO, VENICE: “Le sonorità svedesi ai Frari  - The Swedish sonority at Frari - The Swedish ensemble, Camerata Mandolino Classico, who appeared at the Frari in the concert series organised in collaboration with the newspaper Il Gazzettino, brought harmony, tonal variety, and music on the edge of thought and imagination. The musicality of Lars Forslund was revealed especially in the Sonatina in C minor for mandolin and harpsichord by Beethoven, which was rendered with subtlety of phrasing and fine nuances of expression”. LARS FORSLUND Mandolin Pioneer in Sweden LARS FORSLUND completed his studies of the classical mandolin under the guidance of Keith Harris, Takashi Ochi, and Yasuo Kuwahara at the Institute for Chamber Music in Kobe, Japan. Intense concert activity as soloist followed, and he made tours to Japan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Scandinavia and Italy. He has participated as a mandolin soloist with L’Opera da Camera di Venezia, Collegium Ducale, L’Offerta Musicale, the orchestra “Collegium Antonín Dvořák” from the Czech Republic and various orchestras in Sweden. He also played in the DZO (German Mandolin Orchestra) conducted by the great guitarist, Siegfried Behrend. PRESS REVIEWS About Lars Forslund Carrying wave - oil painting by Sonia Monica, 2012. MICHEL MILLER WROTE IN, BERKSHIRE REVIEW, VENICE: Opera da Camera di Venezia - mandolin, harpsichord and cello. “At five there was an excellent free concert, just less than an hour long, with mandolin sonatas by Vivaldi and Scarlatti, organized by the Scuola di Musica Antica and played by Lars Forslund, accompanied by Lorenzo and Mario Parravicini, cello and harpsichord. Forslund was the master of about every nuance of dynamics and tone you could imagine in the mandolin, as well as some you might not. He could make the instrument sharp and piercing, as well as muted and dark. The accompaniment was spirited and sensitive, and the acoustics produced a robust, present sound, perfectly right for this music, which might well have been played in the palazzo during the composers’ lifetimes”. MARCO ROSA SALVA WROTE: "received the review of your concert at the Palazzo Grimani and the Querini Foundation, published in the Berkshire Review, by Michel Miller, in which he makes extensive reference to the concert in the museum last September 18, 2010 (Sonatas for Mandolin). The reviewer (whom I see in other articles reviewing recent performances of Die Meistersinger in Bayreuth, La Traviata at La Fenice, the Kronos Quartet at the Edinburgh Festival), defines the concert as literally ““outstanding”” and in particular: (from Berkshire Review - www.berkshirereview.net). I congratulate and thank the musicians who play with artistic commitment, passion and who produce results that go far beyond mere simple professional correctness. I would forward these remarks to the leaders of the Foundation”.   Marco Rosa Salva, Scuola di Musica Antica di Venezia School of Ancient Music in Venice