OLOF NÄSLUND A Swedish Composer OLOF NÄSLUND Vol. 1 Olof Näslund, vol. 1 - Camerata Mandolino Classico Keith Harris - Conductor MUSIC BY OLOF NÄSLUND ON SPOTIFY Please listen to his music at Spotify: Concerto No 4. Camerata Mandolino Classico / Accordion Gianni Fassetta / Conductor Keith Harris Sonatin  Guitar Kenneth Frejd Trio per Fiati Oboe Michele Antonello / Clarinet Giorgio Levorato / Basson Paolo Furegato Tänkeplatsen (The Thoughtful Spot) Camerata Mandolino Classico / Guitar Kenneth Frejd / Conductor Keith Harris Concertino di Mandolino Solo Mandolin Stefanie Rauch / Conductor Keith Harris Ensemble Camerata Mandolino Classico Mandolin Lars Forslund / Stefanie Rauch / Anders Textorius / Frank Scheuerle Mandola Jochen Ross / Lars Bruno Guitar Kenneth Frejd Double bass guitar Olof Näslund Please listen to Olof Näslund’s music at Spotify: For more information, visit his website: OLOF NÄSLUND Olof Näslund was born in Tranås, Sweden, in 1952. He studied musicology at Uppsala University and later at Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut. He graduated as a teacher of the guitar in 1982 and now works at the music school of the city of Linköping. He plays guitar and bass guitar in the chamber music ensemble Camerata Mandolino Classico. His compositions are performed and recorded worldwide, e.g. at the Guitar Festival of Prague, by the Austrian Cecilia Ensemble (conductor Keith Harris) in Vienna and at the Kobe Mandolin Festival in Japan.