THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY Concerts and Seminars in Venice MANDOLIN SEMINARS IN VENICE Seminars for Mandolin and Ensemble MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE COURSES AT THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY Various forms of teaching are used at these seminars. Working in a group has many advantages. It is psychologically very useful, because no single person needs to feel under pressure. We all learn unconsciously by seeing and hearing other people. Also, much music-making requires group skills, such as observing appropriate rhythm, sound quality, balance - and always: communication. Sometimes though, a participant might want to talk about a particular technical or musical matter, and it can then be very useful if that person has individual time with the teacher. Group Work   1.Basic questions such as body use and efficient left and right hand technique will be treated in detail.    2.The underlying issue is always sound – how to use the mandolin to express musical ideas.    3.The approach is not to insist dogmatically on a certain hypothetical “correct” way of doing things. Rather, the aim is to increase awareness of the issues involved, and to help you integrate whatever you find useful into your own music making.    4.Group activities and discussions provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You try new and refined skills, and discuss and compare with other participants. The teachers know very well how to use the dynamics of the group to help the learning process. Individual Lesson Time 1. One very useful form of teaching is sometimes   called “forum teaching” or a master class. It consists of individual discussion between a participant and the teacher, whereby other members of the group observe what is going on. The subject may be technical or interpretative, or very often a combination of the two. 2. If the person having the “lesson” likes the idea, it can be very informative to have group discussions at the end of the lesson. 3. Of course there is no pressure at all. Some people don't feel good if other people are looking on, so a completely private lesson as an alternative to an open forum-style lesson is always possible. The MANDOLIN ACADEMY believes strongly that playing music is a joyful activity, and that everybody plays best when they are relaxed and happy. (Course languages: English, Dutch, German) Course Material Course material in the form of suitable technical information, practical exercises and musical examples will be provided. Of course you are also welcome to discuss areas which particularly interest you. If something concerns you, it probably concerns other people too! Many people are surprised at how fascinating and enjoyable it is to pay attention to details which may well have been neglected in the past. It is exciting to expand one’s own boundaries, and discover untapped potential. The seminars help you to discover and develop your own possibilities. An important activity is actually applying the information discussed to playing appropriate music, and much attention is paid to the various issues of playing in an ensemble. IDEAS AND POSSIBILITIES We are at home in the music world of Venice. If you have ideas of your own about the subjects for teaching courses, please let us know, and we can discuss possibilities. Marina Eckhardt - Mandolin and Guitar  Marina Eckhardt is a graduate of the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg, Netherlands and a seasoned performer. She plays in various chamber music ensembles, and works with other mandolinists, and also with players of other instruments like the accordion, guitar, piano and organ. She is well-known as a teacher of both mandolin and guitar, and as director of several regional mandolin ensembles in the Netherlands. She is particularly interested in contemporary music, and Venetian mandolin music by Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Paolucci and others. Another important part of her work in the Netherlands is to promote the mandolin by holding workshops in schools. THE TEACHERS ARE KEITH HARRIS AND MARINA ECKHARDT There have been enormous developments in the field of mandolin playing and research in recent decades. Marina and Keith have been part of this process, so you can be sure you get the latest and best information available. The Academy will hold courses for mandolin lovers from all over the world. The courses will contain cutting-edge information, in particular in the areas of sound and technical efficiency. See More Details About The Courses At The MANDOLIN ACADEMY below. Keith Harris - Mandolin Pedagogue, Conductor, Composer and Author  Keith Harris has been involved with the mandolin for very many years. From teaching for pocket money at the age of twelve in Sydney (Australia) in the 60s to holding a teaching commission at the Music University in Heidelberg (Germany) in the 90s and giving seminars and master classes all over the world, he teaches students of every level and ability. For some years now, he has been offering online teaching, and has students all over the world. The students range from complete beginners to professionals. Keith Harris' international reputation as performer and teacher guarantees his unsurpassed knowledge of the instrument. But it is his insight into other people's problems and remarkable skill in offering individual solutions that particularly make his teaching outstanding and unique. For more information, click on the button to visit his website. For more information, click on the button to visit her website.