A GREAT TREASURE The Gimo Collection is one of the real treasures of the Swedish cultural heritage. We are happy to make it accessible to a wider circle of admiers of the mandolin and its charming music. It is wonderful to hold a mandolin festival right next to this priceless collection.
INTERNATIONALLY-KNOWN MUSICIANS The Festival featuers leading authorities and performers: Carlo Aonzo from Italy, Keith Harris from Australia, Reidar Edvardsen from Norway and Tove Flensborg from Denmark.
250th Anniversary Gimo Manor House  1767-2017 Sweden
GIMOSAMLINGEN - THE GIMO COLLECTION The Gimo Collection is named after the Gimo Manor House, near Uppsala. The Lefebure family, which started the collection, lived there for a period of time. The Gimo Collection was started by Jean Lefebure, a Swedish businessman of Huguenot descent, and his teacher, Bengt Ferrner, who travelled together on the Continent in the years 1758-1762. It consists of commercially produced copies of opera arias, overtures, sonatas etc. that they bought in the cities of northern Italy. In the Collection there is a considerable amount of music for the mandolin.
THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL 7-10 September 2017 in Sweden
WELCOME TO THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL Mandolin, mandola and guitar players of all levels - beginners, students, teachers, soloists, ensembles and mandolin and guitar orchestras - are welcome to The Mandolin Academy in Gimo, Sweden. We offer teaching seminars in mandolin and mandola for players of all levels, chamber music seminars for small ensembles, and seminars and instructions for all kind of plucked string orchestras. The participants festival orchestra is open to everybody and the repertory is from easy to advanced.
THE SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL 250 Years of Mandolin Music
The Salon in The Gimo Manor House, which will be used for Chamber Music Concerts
CHAMBER MUSIC, JAZZ, FOLK AND POP Of course, The Mandolin Academy is open for mandolin music of all kinds, from Early Music to the most recent trends in jazz, blue-grass and so on.
CONCERTS AND SEMINARS for Mandolin, Mandola & Guitar THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY Presents The Gimo Mandolin Festival
CONCERTS IN AMAZING VENUES Concerts with the teachers will be held in the beautiful manor houses of Gimo and Österbybruk. Each night at midnight candlelight concerts will be organised for you and your ensemble, together with the Festival Orchestra, made up of everybody associated with the Festival.
Carlo Aonzo plays Vivaldi’s  “The Four Seasons” at The Gimo Mandolin Festival  in Sweden
THE GIMO MANDOLIN FESTIVAL THURSDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 19:00 Österbybruk herrgård - Chamber Music Concert FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 19:00 Österbybruk herrgård - Chamber Music Concert 22:00 Österbybruk gårdskyrka - Candlelight Concert SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 19:00 Österbybruk herrgård - Chamber Music Concert 22:00 Österbybruk gårdskyrka - Candlelight Concert SUNDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 15:00 Gimo herrgård - Final Concert with Italian Buffé (Concert programmes to be defined)