Lofoten suite, Lapponia suite, Garda suite, Stockholm suite, Sakura suite of Japan &  Tre Romanze Veneziane  SONORITY OF NATURE Music for Mandolin & Harpsichord by Lars Forslund Reine, Lofoten
MUSIC BY LARS FORSLUND Music for Mandolin and Harpsichord
THE MUSICIANS Angelica Selmo and Lars Forslund perform a musical program with contemporary, different and exciting music and tell amazing stories from the 1200s until the turn of the century anno 2000.
MUSICAL STORIES ABOUT Stockholm's history, a Venetian nobleman / sailor in the 1400s that lands on the Lofoten Islands after a storm, the nature of Laponia, the four seasons at Lake Garda, the cherry blossoms in Japan and three Venetian romances.
MENU MUSIC BY LARS FORSLUND www.mandolin.academy Angelica Selmo - harpsichord Lars Forslund - mandolin
CAMERATA MANDOLINO CLASSICO Lars Forslund and Angelica Selmo